Community Access to Environmental Rights and Justice  

We believe every New Yorker should have “a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment” and that is why EANY has been working enshrine these rights in the New Yoke State Constitution through our Environmental Bill of Rights campaign. The current New York Bill of Rights contains many of our most sacred civil liberties, but does not provide these important environmental protections as a constitutional right for all New Yorkers. We’ve made progress on this campaign with first passage of the Green Amendment last year (2020) in Albany, but will be working to secure second passage of an Environmental Bill of Rights in the 2021 legislative session before it will go before voters on the ballot in 2021.

**UPDATE: Senate bill S.528, sponsored by Senator Robert Jackson, has passed already this year! Join our Facebook group to learn more about the Environmental Bill of Rights and stay up to date! 

In addition, we fight hard to ensure communities have the legal tools to challenge environmental threats. Private enforcement, through citizen suit provisions, has been an important staple of federal environmental law for decades, but our communities need the same opportunities under state environmental laws. EANY works to advocate for policies that empower our communities and give them the right tools and ensure access to justice.