Action Center

Tell your Legislator NY Needs Advanced Buildings & Appliances!

Adopting more energy-efficient building codes and appliance standards will not only bring us one step closer to meeting New York's ambitious clean energy goals but it will also mean an increase in health and economic benefits for New Yorkers. Ask your legislator to support the Advanced Building Codes and Appliance Standards bill to help NY lead the way to a cleaner and greener state.

Tell NYS Legislative Leadership to Prioritize Affordable Water!

There’s a bill currently moving in the NYS Legislature that would require all water and wastewater utilities, along with gas, electric, and telephone utilities, to collect the critical data needed to develop evidence-based policy to address New York’s increasingly unaffordable utility services. Contact your legislators and tell them the State Legislature needs to pass S.5451-A (Parker)/A.7554-A (Cahill) before the end of this session!

Tell Your Representative to Support the Deforestation-Free Procurement Act!

The New York Deforestation-Free Procurement Act (S.5921/A.6872) would ensure that New York State government procurement dollars are not driving forest loss or degradation in tropical and intact boreal forests or undermining fundamental Indigenous rights. Send a message to your state representatives, telling them to co-sponsor and pass this important protection for forests around the world.

Support the Green Transit Green Jobs bill!

The Green Transit Green Jobs bill works to phase in electric buses, requiring all agencies to only purchase electric buses by 2029, and focuses on how to transition the diesel bus industry workforce to an electric one, while encouraging apprenticeship programs to assist workers in this transition to well-paying jobs. Tell your legislator to support The Green Transit Green Jobs bill!

Support a stronger Extended Producer Responsibility bill!

We are drowning in trash & plastics that are wreaking havoc on our environment, communities, and municipal curbside recycling programs. We need a strong Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for paper & packaging bill in NY that advances innovative and nation-leading solutions.

Tell Gov. HochuL: I Want To Know What's in My Water

Thanks to a new law that we advocated for, your water utility will soon be required to test for twenty-three PFAS chemicals, also known as "forever chemicals." Please tell Governor Hochul that you want full transparency about PFAS in your drinking water!