Protecting the Air, Land, Water, and Health of All New Yorkers

Environmental Advocates NY is the leading New York non-profit fighting for a safe climate, clean water and healthier communities for all. We have devoted more than 50 years of service to the people of New York and have been on the frontlines of every major environmental victory the state has enjoyed in the past half century.

Fighting Climate Change

New York is already experiencing the severe impacts of rising global temperatures and an increased frequency of extreme weather events, including flooding, prolonged heat waves and extended periods of drought. With the federal government unraveling climate and public health initiatives at every turn, it is up to states like New York to lead by becoming a true climate champion. Learn more…

Clean Water

Water is our most precious resource. But today it is threatened by harmful contaminants and crumbling infrastructure. This is evident across the state. We must protect New York’s water supplies from source to tap and ensure every New Yorker has access to clean and abundant water for years to come. Learn more…

Promoting Healthy Communities

In order for our communities to thrive, they need to be free from dangerous pesticides, toxic chemicals, and the burden of ever-increasing amounts of solid waste. They also need to be empowered and have the tools to fight for clean air, water, and a healthy environment. Learn more…

Help Get Rid of Plastic Bags in NY!

Enforcement of New York State’s ban on plastic bags began on October 19th. Plastic bags are toxic and wasteful items – each used on average for only 12 minutes – and getting rid of them once and for all will protect our health, our waterways, and will benefit our climate by cutting down on our reliance and use of dirty fossil fuels.  

If you see plastic bags being distributed, report them by clicking and filling out this form. Or by calling the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation at 518-402-8706. YOU CAN ALSO EMAIL PHOTOS TO SUPPORT YOUR COMPLAINT TO [email protected]

Tell Gov. Hochul: Continue momentum on climate by signing the Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure bill into law

In order to transition from fossil fueled vehicles to electric vehicles, we need the Governor to sign this EV infrastructure bill that would fix an electricity rate design issue that has been impeding the deployment of a fast-charging network. The way we commute and travel from place to place doesn’t have to drive climate change and negative health outcomes affecting our communities. More electric vehicle charging stations will be a necessity in improving the lives of New Yorkers now and into the future as we work to meet our climate goals.

There is no room for repowering dirty fossil fuel plants under New York’s climate law

If these offline power plants are repurposed for energy-intensive operations, like cryptocurrency, there could be significant adverse impacts on air and water quality, and a real hindrance in meeting our state’s climate goals. This fight is happening in our own backyard, take action now!


Every New Yorker has the right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment. Pledge your support!

Join Environmental Advocates NY to protect what you love. Sign up today and together we can make lasting changes for our environment, health, and communities. As we work to make New York a leader in addressing the most critical environmental challenges of our time, our success has always depended on support from advocates like you.