Monthly Giving, Workplace, Stock and Tributes

Monthly Giving:

Please consider making a monthly donation if you can. Recurring donations provide a reliable source of support that allows us to continue working to drive New York forward to be the environmental leader our nation needs. With an ongoing monthly pledge, it has never been easier to contribute toward clean air, clean water, and healthy communities for all New Yorkers.

Workplace Matching Gifts:

Many employers want to support the charitable causes that are of interest to their employees. Arranging for a matching gift can double or sometimes triple the impact of your gift. To find out if your company will make a matching gift, ask your employer if they have a matching gift program and fill out any necessary paperwork. Then drop us a line to let us know that your matching gift is on its way!

Gifts of Stock:

Donating securities can be a tax-wise way for you to support Environmental Advocates NY’s mission. In order to be fully deductible, the gifted securities must have been held by you for more than one year. There are advantages:

• You can receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the donated securities.
• You can completely avoid capital gain tax that you would owe on the difference between the cost basis, or purchase price, and the price at which the asset is sold.

Please instruct your broker or bank to transfer your stock gift to our broker Morgan Brooks at Merrill Lynch:

Account #: 5NN-04E68
DTC: 8862
Phone number: (518) 383-8946

For ease of your transaction, please contact Environmental Advocates NY with your name, the name of the company, and the number of shares you are donating so that we may initiate the transfer and acknowledgement of your gift.

Memorials and Tributes:

One special way to remember or pay tribute to a family member, colleague or friend is by making a gift in their honor. This simple gesture not only protects future generations but is also a thoughtful way to honor someone special or remember a loved one.

Gift Membership:

Giving a gift membership is another wonderful way that you can support our work and their love of New York’s environment at the same time.

For more information on monthly or workplace giving, stock transfers, gifts, or memorials , please contact Nicholas Moore, Director of Membership at 518-462-5526 x230 or [email protected]