Our Work

The Philosophy of our Work

Environmental Advocates NY’s mission is to protect our air, land, water. and wildlife and the health of all New Yorkers. Based in Albany, we monitor state government, evaluate proposed laws, and champion policies and practices that will ensure the responsible stewardship of our environment. We work to support and strengthen the efforts of New York’s environmental community to make our state a national leader. We have now entered a new era defined by sophisticated and well financed opposition to environmental protection, sometimes embracing “green” rhetoric. In the face of these pressures, New York is in peril of losing important, hard-won gains. This is a critical time to reinvigorate the state’s heritage of environmental leadership.

Bill Memo

Every week during the New York State Legislative Session, Environmental Advocates NY reviews all of the bills introduced in legislative committees or on the floor of the State Senate and the Assembly. We then issue a memo that summarizes the legislation and describes our position on measures with significant environmental impact.


Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the first “Earth Day” and the promises of clean water and air are still unfulfilled, with new environmental crises impacting us every day. As another generation marches to demand action to save the planet, our leaders must respond by maintaining this critical momentum. We are calling on our leaders to be big and bold in our funding commitments to the environment and to solve systemic challenges the state faces in respect to solid waste.



New York is a leader in implementing policies to reduce global warming pollution. Environmental Advocates NY has worked with leaders on both sides of the aisle to implement policies that reduce climate pollution and adapt to our already changing climate.



Protecting our water and natural resources is the foundation of New York's economic development and quality of life. Environmental Advocates NY's Water & Natural Resources Program focuses on ways to ensure our waterways are protected for generations to come.



Environmental Advocates NY is focused on reducing our exposure to dangerous chemicals and requiring chemical producers and distributors to share information about such chemicals so the public can be better educated about potential dangers.