Thrifty and organic recipe: Asparagus, Spring Vegetables, Gooseberries and Cape Malay Beef Curry

Welcome to May’s Thrifty and Organic Meal Planner post. Last month I shared several recipes for April’s organic seasonal ingredients, Oranges, Spring Greens, New Potatoes, Cream Cheese, Herbs and Salmon, a light spring menu with lots of ideas for leftovers too, and with the main celebratory meal coming in at a very low £3:70 a head. This month, I have more spring recipes where the emphasis is on a delicious vegetarian meal for all of the family, with a spicy South African beef curry too; there are ideas for lots of leftover meals and I hope to prove that organic is not just better for you and all of the family, but that it’s cost effective, delicious and very thrifty. This meal planner is perfect for a bank holiday weekend Sunday dinner, as well as mid-week suppers, tea, packed lunches and even a spring picnic too.