– Statement re: New York’s Investment in Solar Energy

March 28, 2013

For Immediate Release: March 28, 2013
Travis Proulx, [email protected] , 518-462-5526 x238

Statement re: New York’s Investment in Solar Energy

Conor Bambrick, Air & Energy Director

“Adding 52 megawatts of solar to New York’s electric grid marks a significant milestone for Governor Cuomo’s NY-Sun initiative.
Large industrial and commercial electricity users dominate New York’s energy markets, dictating the overall cost of energy, as well as the amount generated by power plants responsible for a large portion of the pollution that drives climate change and poor air quality. Transitioning these customers to clean on-site solar power will significantly reduce emissions harmful to our climate, and drive down electricity costs for all New Yorkers. 

Now is the time for New York to solidify its commitment to solar energy by extending NY-Sun through the next decade, establishing it as a stable and predictable program. The creation of a robust, long-term incentive will provide market-certainty to manufacturers, developers and installers we want to attract to invest in our state.

Environmental Advocates applauds the Governor for this investment in an industry that will be a big part of New York’s energy future.”