– Siena Poll: Majority Upstate Oppose Fracking

January 17, 2013

For Immediate Release: January 17, 2013
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Siena Poll: Majority Upstate Oppose Fracking

The More the Public Learns about Fracking, the More Opposition Grows

ALBANY — Statement from Katherine Nadeau, Water & Natural Resources Program Director, Environmental Advocates NY:

“While public opinion polls have largely remained constant on fracking in recent years, Governor Cuomo’s statement that he expects to make a decision in just 40 days – despite a lack of accessible science – has caused a marked shift in public opinion and overall interest in this dangerous activity.

Not only is the public more engaged and informed than ever before, but a majority of residents Upstate, who stand to lose the most, firmly oppose fracking (51 to 38 percent). Just 10 percent of people living Upstate have not yet formed an opinion, so even in the very unlikely event that every one of them made their bed with the gas and oil industry, a majority would still oppose. This is something Governor Cuomo should take to heart as he considers whether to permit fracking.

What is clear here is that Governor Cuomo has the opportunity to be a hero – people understand that the public health and environmental impacts are too risky, and that it would be reckless to move forward with fracking without all of the science in hand, and publicly vetted. While the process has been confusing and secretive, the Governor still has time to protect our land – and New Yorkers will have his back.”