– Senator Boyle Honored for Children’s Health Work

August 21, 2013

For immediate release: August 21, 2013
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Senator Phil Boyle Honored for Children’s Health Work

BAY SHORE—Today Senator Phil Boyle was recognized for his work to protect children’s health at a family friendly picnic held at George S. King Park. Many children’s products sold in New York contain dangerous chemicals that are putting children’s health at risk, and current policies are failing to address this problem. Senator Boyle is working to improve New York’s laws and take a holistic approach to removing dangerous chemicals from children’s products and ensure the use of safer alternatives.

Currently, New York identifies or prohibits the use of dangerous chemicals on a chemical by chemical basis. This approach is especially problematic for children’s products since children are often more vulnerable to smaller amounts of chemicals. Several other states, including Washington, California, and Maine have adopted more comprehensive chemical policies. Senator Boyle is sponsoring legislation modeled after those states.

The Child Safe-Products Act is intended to prevent the use of dangerous chemicals and ensure the use of safer chemical alternatives in children’s products. This bill would identify chemicals of concern and keep them out of children’s products, providing a comprehensive framework for addressing the issue of toxic chemicals in children’s products.

Those who attended enjoyed food and refreshments, as well as a fun and informative workshop on the science of bubbles held by the Long Island Children’s Museum.

“I would like to thank the Environmental Advocates NY and friends for this honorary picnic in the park. Together we are fighting for passage of the Child Safe Products Act, which would ban the use of toxic chemicals in children’s products. Every day we are gaining more support for this historic bill and I am confident that we will pass it into law in our next legislative session in Albany.”

“Parents want to provide the best for their children.  Yet, toxic chemicals are lurking in feeding pillows, strollers, car seats, and children’s toys.  Many of these unnecessary toxins are linked to cancer and can cause harm to the liver, kidney, bone marrow, and brain.  Senator Boyle is championing several pieces of legislation that would ban these chemicals from children’s products.  We are thankful for his leadership and look forward to the passage of these important bills,” stated Adrienne Esposito, Executive Director, Citizens Campaign for the Environment. 

Saima Anjam, government affairs associate of Environmental Advocates NY said, “Government’s utmost priority should be protecting our children’s health. In Albany, we’ve had no better partner than Senator Phil Boyle in advancing common-sense legislation that would hold toxic chemical companies accountable. Only 32 votes are needed to pass a bill, and with Senator Boyle’s partnership we garnered 37 cosponsors representing each Senate conference. Our fight continues and we’re fortunate to have Senator Boyle as a partner in this effort.”

Kathy Curtis, executive director of Clean and Healthy New York said, “As a parent, I applaud Senator Boyle for being a leader to protect children. And as an advocate, I thank him for his tireless efforts to build bipartisan support for the Child Safe Products Act. There is no reason for companies making children’s products to use dangerous chemicals. With the Senator’s continuing partnership we will make New York a leader for healthy kids!”

Cecil  Corbin-Mark, deputy director of WE ACT for Environmental Justice said, “In communities across the state, children are disproportionately impacted by toxic chemicals and pollutants that compromise their health. State government has an obligation to act, and our work with Senator Boyle is drawing critical attention to an often overlooked issue. I am proud to join with my colleagues in applauding Senator Boyle’s work and I look forward to working with him and the 36 other Senators who cosponsor this legislation to make it law.”

“Senator Boyle has demonstrated time and again that he believes in putting the health of NY’s children and environment first. By sponsoring and working to pass The Child Safe Products Act (S.4614), Senator Boyle truly is our champion.  The Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter is proud to work alongside the Senator as we strive to keep New York toxic-free,” said Caitlin Pixley, Conservation Associate of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter.