– NYC Anti-Foam Container Plan Benefits Environment, Health & Economy

February 14, 2013

For Immediate Release: February 14, 2013
Travis Proulx, [email protected] , (518) 462-5526 x238

NYC Anti-Foam Container Plan Benefits Environment, Health & Economy


“It’s easy to overlook the negative impacts of plastic foam containers, but they take generations to break down, litter our streets, clog sewer systems when swept into storm grates, and endanger wildlife. And let’s not forget they are made from a likely carcinogen.

“Environmental Advocates applauds Mayor Bloomberg for his proposal, which is good for our environment and public health, decreases litter, and opens the door to significant economic benefits.

“The harmfulness of this product is widely recognized. Affordable alternatives exist and have been in use for years. In fact, dozens of communities nationwide have enacted a similar ban and, lo and behold, life has gone on, only cleaner and healthier. Similar legislation (S.3444/A.119) to the Mayor’s proposal, which would have a statewide impact, is sponsored in Albany by State Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh. It’s time for New York to make the change, too.

“On the economic front, this is a great opportunity for the state to work with our Upstate agricultural community to develop a thriving bioplastics industry, which will be a boon for local farmers and communities.”