– LTE: Fracking Industry Deeply Entrenched

July 31, 2014

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Albany Times Union.

Fracking Industry Deeply Entrenched

The fracking industry is a bully. And, in New York, the little guy finally won. Too many states rushed to frack with the promise of windfalls that never came. Now, we’re able to learn from those states the true consequences of fracking’s impact on our health and our environment.

In Pennsylvania, clean water and quality of life has been compromised. Down in North Carolina — a state that just suffered major environmental contamination as a result of coal ash spill into a waterway — that state’s governor signed legislation criminalizing the disclosure of fracking chemicals. And, here in New York, the state Senate Majority Coalition refused to bring up common-sense legislation that would prohibit other states from using New York as their fracking waste dumping ground. This shows how deeply entrenched the industry is, which makes Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s promise not to make a decision before all of the science is complete and publicly vetted even more important.

Despite the onslaught of industry propaganda, communities big and small fought back, banned fracking, and then withstood a withering legal attack from the industry. The state Court of Appeals ruling empowers taxpayers not only in New York, but nationwide, in recognizing that no matter how big, deep-pocketed or greedy the fracking industry may be, the public has rights, too.

Elizabeth Moran, Troy
Environmental Advocates NY