– Hudson Valley Crude Oil Train Derails Exposing Dangers

February 26, 2014
For Immediate Release: February 25, 2014
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Hudson Valley Crude Oil Train Derails Exposing Dangers

Statement from Executive Director Peter Iwanowicz

“Big Oil has already begun to transport some of the world’s dirtiest, most toxic and most dangerous crude oil through New York. Now they are advancing a sneaky plan that would further open New York’s doors to their greed, compromising the safety of millions of residents.

The in the Hudson Valley appears to have ended without tragedy. However, the question isn’t if but when will the time come that we aren’t so lucky.

The industry’s rush for profit led to more train oil spills in 2013 than the previous four decades combined. Federal and state officials acknowledge that we are to oversee and regulate this industry, or ensure proper community preparedness in the event of an accident. There should not be any consideration for the transport or shipment of this crude via rail or barge in New York State until every community along the route is equipped with proper safety measures and oversight practices which are fully in place.”