– Green Watchdog Celebrates Dryden Ruling

February 21, 2012

Green Watchdog Celebrates Dryden Ruling

ALBANY, NY (02/21/2012)–In response to today’s ruling by Judge Rumsey in the Cortland County Supreme Court, Environmental Advocates NY released the following statement, attributable to Katherine Nadeau, Water & Natural Resources Program Director:

“By upholding Dryden’s fracking ban, Judge Rumsey has brought a renewed sense of hope to the many cities and towns concerned with fracking. Regardless of fracking’s documented dangers–particularly New York’s failure to study industrial gas drilling’s health impacts or responsibly plan for the treatment, transport, or disposal of hazardous fracking waste–the communities targeted for drilling need the power to determine for themselves when, where and if fracking is permitted.

Courts across New York State should recognize the need to safeguard the rights of our communities.