Environmental Advocates’ Statement on Budget Negotiations

For Immediate Release: March 29, 2020

As New York’s budget deadline looms, State Legislators are faced with an unprecedented economic situation, brought on by a momentous health crisis. The following statement on the New York State budget can be attributed to Peter Iwanowicz, Executive Director of Environmental Advocates of New York.

“As New York is rightly focused on the immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis, it’s critical that this year’s budget continues policies that advance our health and puts New Yorkers to work. A sustained focus on clean water infrastructure, clean energy, and energy efficiency will accomplish these important goals. There is a long line of shovel-ready water infrastructure projects just needing the funding to get started. These projects will create good jobs, while ensuring clean water for handwashing and drinking. Preserving clean energy funds for solar, wind and energy efficiency projects will help people cut their energy bills and create good jobs. Despite an uncertain economic future, New York must not miss this opportunity to invest in our public health and local economies.”