Environmental Advocates NY Announces Peter Iwanowicz to Move on After a Successful Nine Year Run as Executive Director

For Immediate Release: November 10, 2022

Environmental Advocates NY (EANY) announced today that Peter Iwanowicz will move on as its Executive Director on December 31, 2022. Iwanowicz has served as Executive Director since 2013–a nine-year period where EANY has been a pivotal force in shaping New York State’s environmental and climate agenda; especially the enactment in 2019 of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, adding Environmental Rights to the state constitution, and creating a clean water grant program to help communities fix their pipes. The EANY Board of Directors will soon announce an interim director and begin a nationwide search for the next long-term leader of the organization. 

John Buttrick, Chair of the Environmental Advocates NY Board of Directors said, “​​The common denominator behind the success EANY has enjoyed these past fifty-plus years has been our talented and devoted staff. Peter has done an amazing job leading the organization over the past nine years. He has been a tireless advocate for the environment and environmental justice. Together with the rest of the EANY staff, Peter has been an important voice in New York State and beyond. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank Peter for his vision, integrity, and leadership as EANY’s Executive Director. While we are sorry to see Peter move on, he leaves behind a strong group of colleagues who will continue to tackle the important environmental issues of our time, especially climate change.”

Peter Iwanowicz said, “It has been a true privilege to work alongside all the great people that make up EA and those that support its work. I leave confident that EANY will continue to drive New York’s environmental resurgence and shape New York into the environmental leader the world needs it to be.”

About Environmental Advocates NY

Since its formation in 1969, Environmental Advocates NY (EANY) has been championing environmental policies that have improved health, enhanced the quality of New York’s natural resources, and saved lives. Its mission is to fight for policies that will restore and protect New York’s environment, support healthy, vibrant communities, and secure benefits and outcomes for all through education, partnerships, and advocacy.

EANY addresses the many environmental issues facing New York State and beyond, with a focus on:

Climate and Energy

EANY is at the forefront of taking action to fight climate change and advocating for transportation and energy policies that transition our economy off fossil fuels. An important cornerstone of our climate work is to fight for climate justice and policies that will include those most vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Clean Water 

Our clean water program embraces a comprehensive and integrated approach in protecting water from source to tap. We are deeply committed to advocating for policies that restore and protect our water systems; so New Yorkers know what’s in their water; and ensure that significant investments are made to water testing for dangerous toxics, and the repair, upgrade, and replacement of our state’s crumbling water infrastructure.

Healthy Communities

EANY’s commitment to Healthy Communities is grounded in the idea that every New Yorker should live in clean, healthy, and vibrant spaces. Now that all New Yorkers have a constitutional right to a safe environment, we will work to ensure our communities, especially disadvantaged ones, no longer face exposure to toxic chemicals through myriad pathways and experience the greatest burden of our aging infrastructure, addiction to fossil fuels, and a mounting solid waste and plastic pollution crisis.