EANY Response To Clean Water Funding Cuts in Governor’s Proposed Budget

January 16, 2024

EANY Response To Clean Water Funding Cuts in Governor’s Proposed Budget

The 2024-2025 State Budget proposed by Governor Hochul today, January 16th, includes $250 million for the Clean Water Infrastructure Act (CWIA), New York’s core funding source for guaranteeing safe water to all New Yorkers. This represents a 50% reduction in annual clean water funding compared with the last five budgets. Since 2019, each state budget has allocated $500 million annually to the CWIA.

Rob Hayes, Director of Clean Water with Environmental Advocates NY, said:

“The Governor’s plan to slash clean water funding by half will cost New Yorkers money, jobs, and their health. The threats to drinking water across the state are growing, not shrinking. The Governor’s proposal means fewer communities will get the help they need to protect their fundamental right to clean water and revitalize local economies. Instead, more of the costs of aging and failing water infrastructure will be borne on the backs of water ratepayers, who will continue to see their bills rise and their communities become less affordable. We urge the State Legislature to reject these misguided cuts and grow, rather than shrink, New York’s commitment to fixing our pipes by investing $600 million in the Clean Water Infrastructure Act.”

Background Information:
The Clean Water Infrastructure Act was created in 2017, following water crises in Hoosick Falls, Newburgh, and other communities that shed new light on the sheer scale of New York’s statewide water pollution. Since then, the Governor and State Legislature have invested $5 billion into this nation-leading program to replace water mains and lead pipes, upgrade sewage treatment plants, remediate toxic PFAS, and much more. According to the Governor’s office, the latest round of CWIA grants are estimated to save $1.3 billion for New Yorkers and create 24,000 jobs across the state.