With an ongoing monthly pledge of $5 or more, it’s never been easier to contribute toward clean air, clean water and healthy communities for all New Yorkers.

Partners for New York’s Future are a special group of advocates who support Environmental Advocates NY by making regular gifts each month. Our commitment to New York’s environment continues throughout the year and so do the Partners for New York’s Future.

Your monthly gift will make a lasting impact on the ongoing fight to protect our natural resources.

Donors to the Partners in New York’s Future program can make gifts of $5 or more a month automatically with a credit or debit card.

Member Greenlight: Steve Kohn

Steve Kohn has been a member of Environmental Advocates since 2005, and supports us through a regular monthly gift.

Steve’s reasons for giving to Environmental Advocates through the Partners for New York’s Future monthly giving program:

“I am thankful there are those members of Environmental Advocates who work on the state level. I do what I can by being a ‘good’ follower. I participate in the e-mail campaigns; I make my own household cleaners; I am a vegetarian; I carry reusable bags when shopping; I use stainless steel containers for water and when I buy coffee. “Why? Simple, I have grandchildren and the context in which they are growing up is affected by every ripple of every action and non-action I do.”

Join Steve and the many other members who have chosen to sustain our ongoing work to protect the future of our precious natural resources by making your first monthly donation today!