Bill Memo: Zero Emisssion Engines

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This legislation amends Section 19-0306-b of the Environmental Conservation Law to only require that the engines of new off-road vehicles be zero emissions by 2035. Since the legislation passed last year did not specify that the standard would only apply to new vehicles, this legislation provides a clear understanding of what will and will not be regulated by this law. The bill also amends the law placing the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) into the primary role for development of the zero-emissions market development strategy. 


This bill is a “chapter amendment” and is advanced pursuant to an agreement between the executive and legislature to clarify key provisions of Chapter 423 of 2021. The underlying law sets end dates for the sale or lease of combustion engines to power new passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles and equipment such as those used in farm, construction and lawn and garden equipment. 

The chapter amendment clarifies that the goals of this law only pertain to the sale and lease of new off-road engines, providing certainty to manufacturers and consumers. 

The transportation sector is the state’s second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and the state Climate Action Council has determined that all the emission from both on- and off-road engines will need to be eliminated. In particular, off-road vehicles and engines, such as farm, construction and landscaping equipment, are significant sources of air pollution, contributing to emissions that degrade air quality, fuel the climate crisis.  

The legislation assures that emissions from these vehicles will be phased out. Zero-emission farm, construction and landscaping equipment will significantly improve the health of those that operate this equipment and will reduce energy waste as electrified equipment is much more efficient than combustion equipment. 

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