Bill Memo: Zero Emissions Trains

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This legislation would amend section 19-0306-b of the environmental conservation law to add that all trains purchased by the state, or any state authority, used for commuter rail service shall be zero-emissions by 2035. 


New York State has set a goal of purchasing only zero emission passenger cars and trucks by 2035. This legislation would add to the state’s existing goals of zero emissions cars and trucks to include trains.  Diesel trains contribute substantial greenhouse gas emissions and toxic pollution within New York’s transportation sector (17%) and these emissions can harm the health of its passengers. An Environmental Science Technology study found that diesel trains had thirty-five times more ultrafine particles compared with electric trains, six times more black carbon, and eight times as many nitrogen oxides. The benefits of electric trains are like other modes of electric mobility, including fuel savings from energy efficiency, faster travel times due to faster speeds, improved safety, and reduced infrastructure costs, as well as their other climate and health benefits. 

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