Bill Memo: Solar Choice for Homeowners

1-Tree: Beneficial rating


This bill adds a new article 9-C to the real property law called the “Solar Rights Act.” It prohibits homeowners’ associations from adopting or enforcing any rules or regulations that would effectively prohibit or impose unreasonable limitations on the installation or use of a solar power system.


This legislation prohibits homeowners’ associations from interfering with a homeowner’s choice to use solar energy to power their home.

New York State is committed to reducing climate pollution and generating more electricity from renewable energy sources, and solar can help us achieve those goals. The Cuomo Administration is pushing several programs, like NY-Sun and Solarize, designed to help us meet State Energy Plan goals. Solar plays an important role because it is a viable energy resource for both large scale developers and residential consumers.

More energy derived from solar and other clean, renewable technologies means less derived from dirty and dangerous sources – improving the health of all New Yorkers and helping to protect our fragile environment.

Homeowners shouldn’t have to worry that their homeowners’ association will get in the way of reducing their carbon footprint and lowering smog and soot in the air by powering their home with solar energy. This bill gives homeowners the right to choose solar.

Environmental Advocates NY Bill Rating: Beneficial

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