Bill Memo: Net Metering Expansion to Non-Renewable Tech

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The legislation amends the Public Service Law to make fuel-flexible linear generator electric generating equipment eligible for net metering.


The legislation amends the Public Service Law to include fuel-flexible linear generators as an eligible technology for net metering.

The state’s climate law (Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act or CLCPA) sets New York on a path to a zero emissions electric grid by 2040, with no less than 70-percent of that power coming from renewables by 2030.  Linear generators are not an emissions-free technology. The process utilized to generate electricity produces varying levels of NOx and carbon monoxide depending on the fuel input, failing to meet the zero-emission standard.

The legislation provides no constraints on fossil fuel use for net metering purposes. Providing incentives for utility customers to invest in behind-the-meter electricity generation reliant on fracked gas is in direct conflict with the goals of the CLCPA. New York needs to focus on facilitating the transition off of the use of fossil fuels, this bill accomplishes the opposite.

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