Bill Memo: Healthy Homes Right to Know Act

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This legislation amends the General Business Law to require warning labels to he included with the sale of gas stoves.


The Healthy Homes Right to Know Act requires all gas stoves sold be accompanied by a warning label identifying the pollutants that are released by the stoves and the health risks associated with those pollutants.

There is mounting evidence that the indoor air pollution caused by gas stoves are leading to harmful health outcomes, particularly when it comes to exposure to nitrogen oxides, which can be linked to respiratory illnesses and heart disease. A recent study found that nearly 13-percent of current childhood asthma cases in the United States can be attributed to gas stove use. Another study found that using gas stoves in homes with poor ventilation can exceed the national standard for safe hourly outdoor exposure to nitrogen oxides in just minutes. Other harmful pollutants released by gas stoves include carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene, a known carcinogen. Potent climate altering greenhouse gases including methane and carbon dioxide are also released by gas stoves.

Informing consumers in advance about the health risks associated with gas stoves may help guide them to safer, cleaner and more efficient choices like induction stoves, allowing them to avoid harmful indoor air pollution while reducing emissions contributing to climate change.

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