Bill Memo: Electric Landscaping Equipment Rebate

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This bill amends the Public Authorities law by establishing an electric landscaping equipment rebate program for commercial and institutional purchasers of eligible equipment; authorizing NYSERDA to develop rules and regulations to determine rebate eligibility and an education and outreach program; and requiring NYSERDA to publish rebate funding balances on its website and to submit annual reports on the status of the program. The bill takes effect immediately and expires on January 1, 2035.


This bill creates a rebate program to incentivize institutional and commercial landscapers to transition to electric lawncare equipment.

Gas-powered landscaping equipment, such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers have a large carbon footprint, impact air quality, and pose harm to individuals operating the equipment. Landscaping equipment emit greenhouse gas emissions and harmful co-pollutants including hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and fine particulate matter (PM). The noise intensity from this equipment is significant as well, which has been documented to contribute to hearing loss in workers.

The solution to the high-emitting, extremely loud landscaping equipment is their battery-powered, zero emissions, quieter counterparts. Electric landscaping equipment is now a viable option for landscaping company fleets and households; however, gas powered equipment’s competitive edge lies in the cheaper upfront cost. The rebates created by this legislation will level the playing field by reducing the upfront cost of electric lawncare equipment.

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