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This legislation directs the Department of Environmental Conservation to promulgate rules and regulations establishing targets for the sales of zero emissions medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the state in a manner consistent with regulations adopted by the State of California. 


In 2020, the State of California adopted a groundbreaking rule requiring a certain percentage of medium and heavy-duty trucks sold in the state be zero emission vehicles (ZEV). Starting in 2024, the Advanced Clean Truck Rule directs manufacturers to gradually increase ZEV sales by vehicle class 30-50-percent by 2030 and 40-75-percent by 2035. 

Transportation is the leading source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in New York State. Medium and heavy-duty diesel-powered trucks are linked to harmful health impacts such as asthma attacks, heart attacks, lung cancer, and premature deaths. These air pollutants disproportionately affect communities of color due to their proximity to high traffic areas. For example, in New York, 74-percent of Black people and 80-percent of Asians live in a counties with unhealthy air quality due to transportation emissions. By transitioning to ZEVs we can improve public health outcomes across the state. 

State leadership is driving the fight against climate change. For decades, New York State has aligned its vehicle standards with California’s.  New York’s climate law sets a clear mandate to phase-out the use of fossil fuels and transition to a fully electrified transportation system. Adopting California’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule will move New York closer to its goals while improving the air quality and health in communities historically overburdened by diesel pollution.   

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