Bill Memo: Accessible EV Charging Information

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This bill requires NYSERDA to develop a real time mobile application containing a map of electric vehicle charging stations, and to make this Information available on the authority’s website.


New York State has established a goal of reaching 850,000 zero emission vehicles by 2025, and a goal for all new passenger vehicles to be zero emission by 2035. While the demand for electric vehicles has increased, some drivers report concerns about charging infrastructure availability across the state. This bill requires NYSERDA to develop a mobile application with real-time data on electric vehicle charging station availability, including a corresponding map, which will serve to eliminate range anxiety and encourage drivers to go electric.

There are currently almost 140,000 electric vehicles on the road In New York State, and annual registration of new electric and plug in hybrid vehicles has climbed from 2,000 to nearly 45,000 over the last decade. Drivers considering purchasing an electric vehicle have reported feeling range anxiety, which Is the feeling of worry that the vehicle battery will be completely drained before a charging station is found and is a primary obstacle for drivers when considering an electric vehicle. In reality, electric vehicle charging stations are quickly being installed across New York State to meet demand, and this application would close the information gap between drivers and charging manufacturers.

There are existing electric vehicle charging station maps and applications, however their information is at times outdated or inconsistent with other sites. According to a study by Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress, electric vehicle drivers must download multiple smartphone apps to find chargers across the state, and information is often variable which makes it difficult for a driver to know whether a functioning charger will be available to them. The NYSERDA application will centralize all of this information into one source and provide real time updates about the status of charging infrastructure, which will eliminate one of the main barriers to EV adoption.

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