Irvine Flinn

Irv is a Senior Counsel at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, which he joined after graduating from law school and where the focus of his practice prior to his retirement was commercial real estate. A longstanding board member and past board president of Environmental Advocates, Irv has also worked with other environmental groups, including the Hudson Highlands Land Trust, Scenic Hudson, and Riverkeeper, in protecting open space and in safeguarding our waters against threats such as those posed by PCBs, combined sewer overflows and oil spills. In an effort to reduce sprawl and preserve open space, he has served on committees preparing comprehensive plans and zoning codes for two neighboring towns in Putnam County, and with his wife Elizabeth, has placed conservation easements on their properties. Concerned about their carbon footprint, they drive an electric powered Volt and have recently converted their Garrison home from heating by propane to air-sourced heat pumps powered by their new 30-panel solar array. Irv and Elizabeth live in Manhattan and Garrison.