Environmental Campaigns Internship

June 2021 – August 2021 

Commitment: part-time (~20 hours/week) 

Compensation: Modest weekly stipend 

Who we are: Environmental Advocates NY has more than 50 years of experience in Albany monitoring all levels of state government, evaluating legislation, and fighting for policies that will benefit the climate, land, water and health of all communities in New York. We build political power through activating advocates, participating in coalitions, and drafting and supporting policies that reduce toxins and pollution in our communities and lead to cleaner air and water for New Yorkers. 

Internship Description: The intern will work within EANY’s campaigns team alongside the Campaigns Associate and Director of Campaigns. They will report directly to the Campaigns Associate for guidance on a self-guided project of their choosing. As a member of the Policy team, the intern will be intimately engaged in campaigns across EANY’s three policy areas— Climate, Water, and Healthy Communities — gaining knowledge and experience in key aspects of advocacy campaigning. There will also be opportunities to collaborate with advocates from other organizations and engage in broader coalitions.  

The intern will provide support, in large part, to our “Right to Clean Air and Water” campaign fighting for the constitutional rights to a clean and healthy environment using advocacy tools, coalition building, base-building, and community engagement to grow our influence. The intern will be essential in conducting outreach to potential voters and in-reach to coalition members. See more information on the Right to Clean Air and Water campaign and ballot measure here: http://bit.ly/EnvRightsFacts.

The intern will also be involved in several specific tasks, including but not limited to:   

  • Drafting communication and outreach materials for policy campaigns including action alerts, advocacy emails, fact sheets, talking points; 
  • Conducting outreach to environmental advocates, local leaders, legislators, and partner organizations; 
  • Assisting in organizing campaigns events such as roundtables, forums, public hearings, and engagement sessions; 
  • Participating in internal team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and discussions; and 
  • Developing a mini campaign around one of our policy areas (the internship coordinator and Campaigns Associate will work with the intern to develop a project scope and workplan).  

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, internships will most likely be fully remote. However, interns will still have a robust learning experience through one-on-one engagement with various members of the team as well as scheduled learning sessions on advocacy, lobbying, civics, communications, campaign development and our priority policy areas.   

We are deeply committed to equity and are motivated by our vision of a just world, and we strive to incorporate social justice into all our policy areas. We value diversity and inclusion, and we work to create a workplace that reflects the values we fight for in the world. People of color, people with disabilities, women, non-binary, and LGBTQ+ people are especially encouraged to apply.   

Submit resumes to Amanda Sachs at [email protected] 

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