Electrifying Transportation

In New York, the transportation sector is by far the largest source of greenhouse gases. With 11.2 million vehicles, the emissions from them is greater than the total carbon dioxide output of many states. To move people and goods, New Yorkers spend more than $25 billion a year on gasoline and diesel fuel that has to be imported to the state. And while transportation emissions are a significant source contributing to climate change, pollution from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles on our roads makes us sick (from asthma attacks, heart disease, lung and other cancers) and even decreases our life expectancy. Transportation related air pollution has enormous social and health costs on all New Yorkers, but we know the impact is greater on people of color and those of lower incomes who are disproportionately impacted by this pollution.

Environmental Advocates NY is pressing local governments to focus on reducing pollution from the transportation sector. Launched in 2018, EANY is a founding member of the ElectrifyNY coalition made up of environmental justice, transit, social justice, labor and environmental advocates with a mission to move transit and local government fleets off fossil fuels to electric vehicles.