Check out this inspiring story of how a community changed a neglected wasteland into an 85-acre, worker-owned, cooperative organic farm

Tezo and the farmers went on to create an 85-acre, worker-owned, cooperative organic farm out of a rough, scrubby plot of land in Buttonwillow, California, about 100 miles outside the city. Farmers rent a bus to travel back and forth to the farm, and bring the produce right back to the original South Central site to sell to the community. The group also founded the South Central Farmers Health and Education Fund (SCFHEF), a grassroots nonprofit that helps bring fresh, organic produce to low-income urban areas, supports new farmers and promotes the establishment of new community gardens. NRDC honored Tezo earlier this month at the Growing Green Awards. I was inspired by Tezo�s story, and it was an honor for me and NRDC to present him the Food Justice Leader award.