Fracking waste is in the news as it has come to light that many fruit and vegetable crops consumed by Americans may have been irrigated with fracking wastewater – possibly even “organic” crops – as California wrestles with drought.

It is the duty of Government to protect the public health of its citizens – and the Albany County Legislature has fulfilled this duty by unanimously passing Local Law “D.” This bill, sponsored by Legislator Bryan Clenahan, prohibits the disposal of any oil and gas waste in solid waste facilities within the county. When it is signed into law, Albany County will become the largest county with a law banning landfill disposal of fracking waste. Albany County will be joining the ranks of Clinton and Cayuga counties.

Cuomo’s Climate Controversy

Would you like some fossil fuels with your fossil fuels? How about some diesel on the side along with that fracking fluid toxic cocktail? Yes, you read that correctly. I bet you didn’t know that diesel is yet another chemical additive injected into the ground by fracking companies.

A new poll shows that the people who would be impacted by fracking – residents of the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley – strongly oppose it. Despite the industry funneling millions into bullying New York into drilling, the results aren’t even close: 51 to 35.

The public notched an important win against the fracking industry as the state’s highest court affirmed the right of our communities to ban drilling.

Anyone who believes New York is safe from the environmental and public health consequences of fracking is mistaken. Right now, frackers working in other states are dumping their toxic waste inside our borders. Incredibly, a bill that would block this practice was recently voted down in the state Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee. At a recent hearing our Katherine Nadeau told legislators what they should be doing to address the issue.

Reuters broke some remarkable news: Chesapeake is dropping its fight to hold landowners in gas leases in perpetuity – often against their will – and pulling out of those leases. To which I say: don’t let the door hit you on your way out. This is not only great news for individual landowners looking to get out of leases, but for New York as a whole.

In my 20s I had a type, and he liked B List horror movies. I can’t explain it, and I won’t try. Sometimes we just have to accept these things. 

As a result I’ve seen (read: endured) my fair share of zombie flicks. There’s only one I would ever want to see again (Disclaimer: this is an R-rated zombie clip resplendent with fake blood and guts, harsh language, and Queen).

The window of opportunity

New York’s legislators – the people you pay to represent your interests – are preparing to leave Albany for the rest of the year in just two weeks. And there are still a lot of environmental issues on the agenda that we need your help getting over the finish line. Environmental Advocates and our partners have helped secure enough support for the passage of three priority bills which would:


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