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The SFY2017-18 budget proved to be a good one for water, with some major victories. One we led the way on, in a battle against the chemical industry, is a package of legislation that provides additional oversight, testing, and protections against rampant industrial chemicals on the market, endangering health, and contaminating water supplies. Few issues have a more direct impact on people’s health than unregulated and untested contaminants.

I urge county, city, village, and town officials to join with us and submit testimony to the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Local Governments that share your financial needs regarding local drinking and wastewater infrastructure.

Closed beaches. No fishing advisories. These are common occurrences, and frequently the result of contaminated waterways from sewage spills or storm driven overflows. In fact, each year tens of billions of gallons of untreated sewage fouls New York's water.

Environmental Advocates is proud to join a phenomenal coalition of community, social justice and labor organizations taking sides to force polluters to build the path to a clean energy future, to publicly disclose how their practices impact our environment, and to ensure decision-makers act.

Environmental Advocates is counting on legislators to support, improve, and block three key proposals in the Governor’s budget proposal.

In 2009, to much fanfare, the Legislature passed – and Governor David Paterson signed into law – the Public Authorities Reform Act. That law came from the recognition that state authorities – including the Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) – needed to do their work out of the shadows, answer to the Legislature and be held accountable to the public.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rejected the vast majority of clean water funds which Governor Andrew Cuomo sought to divert to construction costs associated with the New New York Bridge.

"I urge you to reject authorizing the authority to borrow Clean Water State Revolving Fund dollars to help construct the New New York Bridge."

Governor Cuomo was emboldened recently when his raid on federal dollars dedicated for our communities clean water infrastructure was approved by the obscure Public Authorities Control Board (PACB), even as one member who voted yes continued to express criticisms and disapproval.

The public notched an important win against the fracking industry as the state’s highest court affirmed the right of our communities to ban drilling.


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