Wrong Time for Bailout of Dirty Polluters

The state’s Public Service Commission has a very important decision to make regarding the future of two failing coal fired power plants in Dunkirk and Cayuga.

The state could decide to prop up two antiquated facilities at an exorbitant cost to anyone with a utility bill, or they could choose a more affordable and forward thinking route of finally modernizing Upstate’s power grid by letting these two sites go and upgrade the region’s transmission system. Whether these two plants are fueled by coal or natural gas, these power plants are unnecessary and uneconomic.

Their owners have turned to the state, hats-in-hand, asking for a new, corporate subsidy to cover the cost of their future operations.

A bailout of these polluting technologies is the wrong approach. The Public Service Commission should remain focused on the state’s clean energy policy goals by investing in smart, efficient and renewable technologies designed to address our 21st century economic and environmental challenges.