We Get Their Waste: Watchdog Report

They are dumping on us

Anyone who believes New York is safe from the environmental and public health consequences of fracking is mistaken. Right now, frackers working in other states are dumping their toxic waste inside our borders. Incredibly, a bill that would block this practice was recently voted down in the state Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee. At a recent hearing our Katherine Nadeau told legislators what they should be doing to address the issue.  You can what she said here.













Don’t Duck Toxics Reform 

Many parents have no clue the products they buy for their kids contain dangerous toxic chemicals. And that’s because the laws regulating what kinds of chemicals can be used in toys, clothes, bedding, etc. are out of date and extremely lax. It takes just 32 votes to pass a bill in the state Senate, and we convinced 36 Senators to sponsor the Child Safe Products Act, yet the industry has so far managed to block a simple up or down vote. We’re fighting to protect kids’ health and took to the Capitol halls with moms and kids to build more support for this Act!


You Elected Them, Make Them Act

State legislators will leave Albany for the year in just about a month. And at the top of their list of things to accomplish is ensuring the state’s brownfields program helps to clean up as many abandoned and dangerous factories, storefronts, etc. as possible. We need you to act today to tell Governor Cuomo and legislators to make cleaner communities a priority in 2014 – ACT NOW!












Big Oil Ignores Laws

Governor Cuomo has announced some solid first moves in stepping up the state’s oversight of crude oil transport. Yet, the intergovernmental finger-pointing continues as the state urged additional federal actions and the feds rebuked the state for approving industry permits without doing proper research. On the same day as the Governor’s announcement, a train carrying Bakken crude derailed in downtown Lynchburg, VA (pictured above). And locally, four cars came off the tracks near a residential tower in Albany; just two months after another company was fined for not properly reporting a derailment in Selkirk, NY, this company also violated state law by failing to report the incident for five hours.