Watchdog Report: Somewhere a River is on Fire

A Big Solar Victory

One of our major campaigns in 2013 was to get the NY-Sun Initiative, which helps get climate-friendly solar developments up and running, secured for another 10 years. Thousands of our members contacted Governor Cuomo, and he’s made it happen! You deserve a big hand for helping us notch this important victory for cleaner, healthier energy – thank you!


That Extra Push (with EDLD logo on top of article)

People will be descending on Albany the next two weeks to help us pass legislation that will remove toxics from kids products, fight climate pollution, ensure the safe labeling of food and more. Register now for Earth Day Lobby Day this coming Monday, May 5th. Or sign up for Fracking Lobby Day the following Monday, May 12th. Meeting your legislators one-on-one can be that extra push we need to get these bills passed. We will help you make these days easy, fun and effective!


Act for Your Community (with brownfields photo on top of article)

Every community has them: abandoned and toxic factories, gas stations and more. We’re campaigning to ensure the state prioritizes cleaning up these sites so our communities are safer and healthier. Act now by telling Governor Cuomo and state legislators to fix the broken Brownfields Cleanup Program in 2014!


Clean Air & Fracking

Since the American Lung Association started grading states on their air quality 15 years ago, New York has experienced as overall reduction in dangerous particulates and other air pollutants. However, more than 8.8 million New Yorkers still live incounties with dangerously high levels – a figure which could grow significantly if the state were to allow fracking.


Another Oil Derailment (with oil train fire photo on top of article)

Hours after Governor Cuomo announced a proposal to step up NY’s oversight of the oil industry – something we’ve called for – a major derailment occurred in Virginia, lighting the James River on fire and requiring the evacuation of downtown Lynchburg. The oil industry has been laying groundwork to turn NY into a global transport hub for the type of oil that was on that train, Bakken Shale crude. We cannot trust this industry, and we need the state and federal governments to actswiftly and aggressively to protect our public health, climate and environment.