Watchdog Report: A Solar Victory

Solar, Not Fracking

Last year, thousands of Environmental Advocates urged Governor Cuomo to expand the state’s primary vehicle for developing solar power – the NY-Sun Initiative – into the next decade. And he is about to do it! By setting New York down the path to clean, renewable energy, Governor Cuomo can move us away from dirty fossil fuels of the past, including fracked gas. Show your support for solar by signing our petition now.


Speaking of Dirty Energy

A big part of our job is playing whac-a-mole with Big Oil’s sneaky plans. Right now they are attempting to blow open New York’s doors to some of the world’s dirtiest, most dangerous and most toxic crude – so explosive it was involved in a tragic Quebec derailment last summer which took 47 lives. They are putting this oil on railcars statewide and sending it down the Hudson, past millions of homes and making us vulnerable to an unparalleled disaster. Now they want to expand their operations to import even dirtier Tar Sands Oil from Canada. Thousands have already joined the fight. Sign and share our petition telling Governor Cuomo to oppose this plan.


Protecting Right-to-Know

Environmental Advocates reviews the whole state budget through a green lens – and we uncovered Governor Cuomo’s bad proposal to roll back the public’s right-to-know on pesticides, thereby hindering the progress we’ve made in recent years protecting communities from these toxins. Passed in 1996, the Pesticides Reporting Law has helped track and understand pesticide use, and identify problems that need further study or action. It is a protection that needs to stay on the books, and we’re working with state legislators to stop this proposal. (LINK TO SAIMA’S BLOG/LETTER)


Cuomo’s Climate Commitment

Governor Cuomo recently made a bold and aggressive commitment to reduce climate-altering greenhouse gas emissions a full 80 percent by 2050. It’s a standard that could influence the country, and one that cannot be achieved by fracking or increasing the transport and use of crude oil. Through March we will be heading a campaign to ensure the impending State Energy Plan reflects the Governor’s promise, and moves New York towards a cleaner, healthier future. Look for many opportunities to act in the weeks ahead!