Watchdog Report: October 31, 2013


This is your brain on toxics 


Picture an egg and a mousetrap. Now see that cool visual in action for yourself. While the image is dramatic it drives home why we work so hard to get toxic chemicals out 

of the things we use every day. Chemical company makers have made many believe that everything hurts us, so what’s the point of even trying to live a cleaner life. That’s a bunch of malarkey, and we’re fighting back. Learn more at the link above about our fight against toxic chemicals.


Advocates week


We’re feeling grateful in November: we’re welcoming our new leader, national clean air and climate change expert Peter Iwanowicz; and we’re honoring three great Advocates at our annual gala dinner on November 12. But most importantly, we’re using November to thank our members for your great work in 2013. Because you inspire us, we want to know what keeps you going — so tell us! We’ll be sharing stories from advocates across the state, and we’ll be offering some cool drawings and giveaways, too. Stay tuned!


Why they listen


This month we’ve fought a terrible plan by state government to keep the public in the dark when untreated raw sewage enters the very same waterways we use for swimming, fishing and, yes, drinking. Thousands of Environmental Advocates joined forces with our partners at the New York League of Conservation Voters and Citizens Campaign for the Environment to voice concerns to the Governor. It’s because of you that we are able to make a difference! We will keep you posted as this story and others develop.