URGENT: NYC Council to Vote on Plastic Foam Ban

It takes 15 minutes to eat takeout from a plastic foam container, and yet that container will outlive us by 500 years. On top of that, when heated, it leaches dangerous chemicals into the food you're eating or drinking.

NEXT WEEK, the New York City Council could vote on a common sense bill that will keep this needless plastic foam container waste from littering our sidewalks, clogging street drains, being eaten by animals, and leaching toxics into our food. 

And industry is working overtime to kill this measure, making your immediate action critical to our win!

Find your councilmember HERE and email them this message:

Plastic foam containers aren’t recyclable, create needless waste, litter our sidewalks, clog street drains, and leach into of our food. They also cost taxpayers through the disposal, transport and landfilling of these unnecessary containers.

Safe, affordable and environmentally responsible alternatives to plastic foam containers exist. And with your support of the plastic foam container ban, New York City can pass this common-sense legislation, and continue its role as a global environmental and public health leader.

As a constituent and member of Environmental Advocates of New York, I strongly urge you to support Intro. 1060-A which will make the plastic foam container ban the law of our city.

Affordable, safe, environmentally responsible alternatives exist. Don’t let corporations win at the expense of our health and our children's future. Tell your City Councilmember to do what’s right for our community and pass this bill.