Take Action: Ban Plastic Foam Containers in Albany


It takes 15 minutes to eat takeout from a plastic foam container, and yet that container will outlive us by 500 years. On top of that, when heated, it leaches dangerous chemicals into the food you're eating or drinking.

Environmental advocates can lead the way to keep this needless waste from littering our sidewalks, clogging street drains, being eaten by animals, and leaching toxics into our food. 

The Albany County Legislature has passed a responsible and reasonable ban on plastic foam containers at large chain restaurants. Yet industry is pressuring County Executive Dan McCoy to veto the bill. He needs to hear from you that you want less foam waste and a healthier environment.

Act Now.

Affordable, safe, environmentally responsible alternatives exist. Don’t let corporations win at the expense of our health and our children's future. Tell County Executive McCoy to do what’s right for our community and sign this bill into law.