Stay Connected With EANY

Facebook has changed their news feed algorithm, which means you will be seeing more content from friends and family, but fewer updates from Environmental Advocates of New York. But never fear, loyal follower! There are a couple of ways to keep us in your lives.

Facebook is a critical platform which we use to inform you on the issues we work on, such as monitoring state government, tracking both good and bad green legislation, and advocating for clean water, clean air, and a healthy environment.

If you think these issues are important, and would like to continue seeing our work on your feed, there are a couple of actions you can take:

  • First, head over to our Facebook homepage and click the ‘Following’ button, and choose ‘See First’ from the dropdown menu. This will bring our posts to the top of your newsfeed when you log in.  It’s important to note that Facebook has limited the number of pages you can do this with to 30.
  • Second, sign up for Media Mulch, our weekly green newsletter that’s chock full of maddening and inspiring environmental news from around the state, country, and world. It even features our work and the issues we are working on. Simply text ‘Mulch’ to 52886. It’s that simple.

If you have any questions, please shoot us an email at