Our Leap of Faith

So we've updated the website and you may have noticed that things look a bit different. For a view of our old website, you can check it out here, or even surf around it over at the Way Back Machine

Our current site is the result of a re-think. It reflects a new approach to communications and membership. We're always looking for ways to engage regular New Yorkers in new ways, not only because we love them, but because the internet has empowered everyone who lives in a democracy to become super-constituents. As users of the internet, we all have powerful facilities for staying informed and for taking action - they are literally at our fingertips.  Wait a second, lets evaluate that statement. Is the internet really a useful tool for gathering information and making informed decisions? The same internet that is also the world's largest repository of videos of cats or the brown marmorated stink bug? (You can thank me later)  Ok, the internet has a signal to noise ratio all out of proportion to its usefulness. On top of that, Environmental Advocates, as an organization, crunches technical science and policy data and then acts as a player in the Byzantine world of New York State politics. For the sake of our environment we convince, cajole, and sometimes condemn our State decision makers, who themselves operate in a system with many competing values. This stuff just isn't easy to understand.  So, who will make sense of it all? Where can one go for a reliable source of content about our changing climate and the politics which threaten to throw us all to the lions of polluting industry?  Well if you are reading this you've found one great source. We are getting social here at Environmental Advocates. We've taken a leap of faith in crafting a communications strategy which provides accessible, entertaining content and the opportunity to effect change.  

We are hoping to see a great response from you - all of you who are interested in the world around you, and who are willing and ready to take action to make it a better place. 





Author: Loren Baum