Obama's Clean Power Plan

December 1st, marked the end of the public comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan aimed at cutting carbon pollution from power plants.

Environmental Advocates teamed up with state and national organizations to support the new rules (see our official comments here), urging the EPA to build on New York’s environmental and economic success with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative – the Northeast’s carbon cap and trade program in place since 2008. While calling on the administration to move forward with the plan, the groups took the opportunity to stand with the Union of Concerned Scientists in recommending the strengthening of the rules by significantly increasing the renewable energy targets the states should be expected to meet.

We have a long fight ahead. The public comment period was only phase one. We must remain vigilant in fighting off efforts by polluters and their allies in Congress to block the EPA’s efforts while ensuring New York puts forth a strong implementation plan.