NY Reps Urged to Vote NO on KeystoneXL

Well, that certainly did not take long. In the first week of the 114th Congress the public is getting to see what the $720 million polluters pumped into this past election cycle is getting them. Big Oil’s wish list is the first to get attended to.  

The House and Senate are poised to vote on bills that will approve TransCanada’s request to build a crude oil pipeline through the United States. The proposed 1,179 mile long pipeline will allow this Canadian company to move oil extracted from the tar sands of Canada to refineries in the Gulf Coast of Texas. Most, if not all of the finished product will then ship off to the international market.

Really, is this what the new Congress is going to be about? Direct approval of corporate requests that circumvent the rigors of scientific and, in this case, judicial review. Given all the priorities facing the nation, this is the first bill out of the gate. Literally breathtaking.

Because it will aid the oil industry with extracting tar sands crude oil; a product that is 17 times more carbon intensive than typical crude oil, the Keystone XL pipeline is bad for New Yorkers. It's bad because more carbon pollution means greater impacts to our climate than we are already experiencing. 

New York’s Congressional delegation should vote NO on this. We wrote a letter to them urging the NO vote and explaining why more carbon pollution will impact our health and our environment. I hope all the members take the few minutes to read it and understand what this vote means.