Microbeads and fracking waste: Watchdog Report

The window of opportunity

New York’s legislators – the people you pay to represent your interests – are preparing to leave Albany for the rest of the year in just two weeks. And there are still a lot of environmental issues on the agenda that we need your help getting over the finish line. Environmental Advocates and our partners have helped secure enough support for the passage of three priority bills which would:

  • protect New Yorker’s from other states’ fracking waste;
  • ban tiny plastic microbeads that clog our waterways;
  • keep chemical companies from using toxics like arsenic and lead in children’s products.

It takes 32 votes to pass a bill in the Senate, and each of these bills has 32 or more cosponsors. That’s huge! But it’s all for nothing if industry gets its way and blocks them from becoming law. Between now and when your state legislators leave Albany, we’ll be asking you to act via email, on social media, and with calls to your legislative offices.

You can get a head start now by visiting our Action Page (www.EANYAction.org) and taking action on one or all of these alerts!

Our Action Page is set up so you can contact your elected officials in whatever way you are most comfortable. If you don’t want to send an email, or you already have, don’t forget that we make it easy for you to post your comments directly to your representative's Facebook or Twitter pages (see image below)! It's easy and lets your public officials know their actions are being watched and they are being held accountable. 

All eyes on June 22

So far, nearly 1,000 Environmental Advocates have contacted their members of Congress urging them to vote against a House of Representatives bill that would gut President Obama’s climate action plan, and stall efforts to curb carbon pollution for years to come.

It’s a clear giveaway to the polluters who are undermining public health and safety. And New York needs YOUR representative to stand up, oppose this legislation, and fight its passage. If you haven’t acted yet, don’t wait. If you’ve already sent an email, remember, you can go back to our Action Center and contact them on Facebook or Twitter, too! The climate science is settled, there is no debate. It’s time for New York’s congressmembers to #TakeSides and #ActOnClimate!

Epic wins in May!

2015 has already been one of the busiest years for environmental protection in a long time. And we have some more wins to report!

In addition to Governor Cuomo dropping his dangerous plan to raid more than half a billion dollars from clean water funds to build the Tappan Zee bridge replacement, the state Department of Environmental Conservation corrected course on a plan that would have placed Canadian tar sands on the Hudson River.

Our team has also been working tirelessly behind the scenes watchdogging state officials to ensure they are doing the people’s business, not industry bidding. Just two weeks ago, legislation that would have been a giveaway to companies that put microbeads in our waterways was expected to receive a vote in the Senate. We helped keep this bad bill from coming to a vote and educated Senators on the good bill they should be focused on, which will #BanTheBead and is sponsored by more than half – 37 members – of the Senate.

These are issues which have been a major part of our work for more than a year, and thousands of our members called, emailed, rallied and more to achieve these outcomes. Thank you and congratulations!