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Climate profiteers?

This week, state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos – who has stood in the way of progress on several fronts like climate action – was accused of using his position to enrich his son. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara outlined the allegations in the formal complaint, which includes several tidbits that matter to you, including: One) how a company paying the senator’s son could financially exploit fracking waste (at the same time the senator was holding up relevant legislation) and Two) how the senator’s son could benefit from the devastation being felt by people and communities impacted by exteme weather and flooding fueled by the changing climate.

We encourage all New Yorkers to read the complaint because, if true, it provides a good look at what we’re up against in Albany, where major public policy matters may be settled based strictly on whether there is a personal financial benefit to those making the decisions.  

Yesterday, the emerging Take Sides coalition – in which we’re a partner with Make the Road New York, El Puente, 32BJ SEIU and others – called on Senator Skelos to come clean and state whether remarks making light of the devastating consequence of climate change are correct.

From the statement: “If the laughter and remarks attributed to Senator Skelos took place, Senator Skelos is unfit for any leadership role in New York, regardless of whether he is found guilty of any criminal charges. Those who stand with him are enabling and embracing a climate profiteer. They too must be held responsible.”

It means sick kids

The issue of decision-making on climate policy extends well beyond Albany. When Congress makes bad decisions on our climate, it’s our public health and economy that suffer. Dirty air means sick kids. Massive giveaways to prop up fossil fuel plants mean less money for schools, nurses and green jobs that will put Americans back to work. The House of Representatives leadership doesn’t get it. Right now, they are preparing to vote on a bill that blocks climate action for years to come, and undermines the health premise of the Clean Air Act.

And you deserve to know where your Member of Congress stands. New York’s representatives must take sides and be leaders on climate action. We need your Representative to act – you can make your voice heard via email, Facebook or Twitter by visiting our Action Center now. If you need any further reason to act…here’s a good one.

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