Keeping the Voice of Clean Water Strong in New York State

Aveda Earth Month is here and Environmental Advocates of New York is excited to work with Aveda salons from Albany to Buffalo who are participating to make a difference for clean water in their communities.

This year we have seen a significant rise in clean water issues in our state, ranging from aging wastewater and drinking water systems that can harm our health and local waterways to contaminants like cancer causing Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) being found in some community water supplies.

Aveda salons know that clean water is a priority for our health and well-being. They use it every day to make their clients beautiful and by supporting Environmental Advocates clean water work and raising funds through Aveda Earth Month, they are showing their clients, and their community, that they care about clean water.

During Aveda Earth Month salons undertake a wide range of activities with their clients to raise money for clean water. Many salons raise funds and awareness with contests or promotions, allowing clients to make an appointment for clean water or featuring style and recycled fashion at a Catwalk for Water show. The amount of time and effort each salon dedicates to raising funds is enormous and makes a real difference for clean water.

In 2015, clean water funds raised through Aveda Earth Month helped secure $200 million in New York State grant funding for water infrastructure projects in New York communities and a national ban on microbeads in personal care products. The recently passed state budget increased the grant funding available to communities for water infrastructure projects by $200 million, meaning a greater benefit for the communities these salons are located in.

Clean water in our communities, protecting our natural water resources, holding officials accountable, and raising awareness are at the core Environmental Advocates clean water program. Together, we can protect it. For more information on participating salons visit