How NYers Can Help California in Crisis

Do you know where the water in your bottled water is coming from?

If you guessed the high peaks of towering mountains, crystal-clear springs, or some pristine glacier, chances are likely that you’re wrong. However, if you guessed drought-stricken states like California, you’re probably right!

In New York, as we’ve been enjoying our relatively cool and rainy August, California is going through its third driest year on record. California’s drought has been rapidly spreading across the state, and now the U.S Drought Monitor has classified 82 percent of California as being in “extreme” or “exceptional” drought conditions. In response to the severe drought and consequent water shortages, California has implemented some stringent water conservation measures, but the measures fail to stop the use of California’s water supply for bottling water.

So, here’s a really easy way the average New Yorker can help California (and our environment in general): stop drinking bottled water! There are many reasons to drink from the tap instead of buying bottled water. As this report from NRDC shows, regulations for tap water are significantly stronger than those for bottled water, and there’s a good chance when you buy that bottle of water, you’re just drinking tap water anyway. Bottled water is also incredibly energy intensive.

Here in New York, our high quality water is renowned. New York City’s and Syracuse’s water supplies, for example, are so pure and protected so well that they don’t have to be filtered. There’s no reason for New Yorkers to rely on bottled water.

There’s no arguing that access to clean water is a basic human right, so, fellow New Yorkers, let’s do our part in ending the commercialization of water. What are you waiting for? Get a reusable water bottle, save some money, and drink from the tap!