Gov's Plan Hits a Wall: Watchdog Report

We're turning it up

You have made our campaign against Big Oil’s plan to turn NY into a global crude oil transport hub our biggest effort ever! Nearly 3,000 people signed our petition to Governor Cuomo, and just last week we stood with Albany County Executive Dan McCoy as he introduced a landmark moratorium on a planned oil boiling facility to expedite Big Oil’s product down our Hudson. Industry isn’t happy, and is planning a full on assault to get its way. You can go to the next level to ensure we remain one step ahead of them by supporting our oil trains campaign today!

Act now: fight clean energy raids!

Environmental Advocates is your green watchdog, and one of the things we do best is sound the alarm when decision-makers attempt to roll back hard fought protections and environmental investments – unfortunately, a doozy of a plan has made its way into this year’s budget debate which would raid hundreds of millions meant for clean solar power, green jobs and more. They would even decimate the state’s Office of Climate Change! We have two weeks to block this reckless plan. Tell Governor Cuomo and your legislators right now to oppose any attempt to sweep clean energy funds!

Cuomo's pesticides plan hits wall

We’ve told you about a head-scratching proposal the Governor inserted into his budget plan that would roll back the 1996 law that tracks toxic pesticides usage in New York and ensures the public has access to this data. This exposed may dangers associated with pesticides and it has lead to many of today’s pesticides bans. We exposed the proposal and have gotten a commitment from the state Assembly, as well as built bipartisan opposition in the Senate. Final budget negotiations are underway, and we’ll keep you posted as details come to light!