Frackers Attacks Backfire

The fracking industry has deep pockets. In the last few years, they have spent millions attempting to bully and coerce New York into fracking before any of us are the wiser about fracking’s true dangers and impacts.

But in a state known for political scandal, somehow, frackers haven’t gotten their way. Their failure can be explained, in part, by their highly offensive personal attacks on people who dare express concerns about fracking’s true impacts.

Opposition to fracking has grown, particularly Upstate, where those who would be affected have done their homework and recognized the risks to our environment and public health is too great. The natural gas and oil industry has yet to prove the public can trust them, and no amount of advertising can override common sense.

New Yorkers are skeptical that fracking is the economic silver bullet the industry has promised. So employing a propaganda machine to label these people as “crazies”, “out of touch”, or otherwise saying they “just don’t get it” is derogatory, at best.
You see this bear out in the most recent Siena public opinion poll which shows New Yorkers statewide opposed to fracking by a 45-38% margin, while Upstate opposition has grown to a very lop-sided 52-34%.

Opponents of fracking can thank the industry for their heavy-handed and demeaning approach. But the industry has a ways to go before reaching the bottom of their deep pockets, so it remains the responsibility of each of every person concerned with how fracking may affect our state to educate our friends and neighbors. Knowledge is our best defense against the industry’s well-funded propaganda machine.