Ending 2013 With Some Wins: Watchdog Report

A Big Win

We've fought to get the ball rolling on cleaning up New York’s waste stream, and we won! Last week, Albany County banned plastic foam (commonly known as styrofoam) containers at large chain restaurants. There is no upside to using these containers – they are neither reusable nor recyclable, litter our sidewalks, leach toxins into our food when heated, and will outlive each of us by 500 years. This was an important win with our members leading the charge – now we’re setting our sights on New York City and other communities statewide.


Coming Clean

For decades, the state has required cleaning product manufacturers – the ones who make the very same products under your kitchen sink right now – to disclose what they’re putting into their products. But it’s never been enforced. Join our members in urging Governor Cuomo to hold companies accountable and implement the simple disclosure requirement of ingredients in cleaning products sold in New York.


Your Home in 2014

As we head into 2014, one of Environmental Advocates’ priorities will be ensuring that the state’s laws and programs work. Our work doesn’t end by passing a bill – next year, we will also be working to make families and homeowners aware of (and with access to) services that make your house more energy efficient. There are many programs that can help you cut waste, save money and lower your carbon footprint. Look for more information on how to do so from us in the weeks ahead.


We’re Hiring

Environmental Advocates is accepting applications for our fiscal policy associate. This position is unique within the state’s environmental community, and the right candidate will analyze the State budget and how money is spent to advance environmental programs, as well as think strategically about how to effectively advocate our fiscal goals, among other responsibilities. For examples of the type of work this position produces see our report on enforcement of our environmental laws, as well as on the state’s brownfields cleanup program.