Crude oil takes the romance out of train travel

Since 2013, the energy industry has been bringing the danger of spills and explosions to communities across America.

Having been an eager traveler on every means of transport available I prefer trains. More comfortable than buses and more convenient than plane travel. Scenic views, and new friends to share them with are often available.

Trains can also be an economically efficient and safe way to transport freight, yet my favored form of travel has been put to ill use by Big Oil, on trains carrying volatile crude.

In July 2013, a train carrying crude oil exploded in Lac-Megantic, Quebec, destroying much of the city. The blast leveled the downtown area and vaporized 47 people, many of whom were out enjoying the night at the Musi-Cafe, a local bar.

This tragedy was brought home for many when we learned that the industry has quietly been transporting the same volatile crude oil through communities across the United States, in the same tank cars. With the same lax safety standards. The industry claims it does things safely, but as we know, when Big Oil goes wrong, it goes very wrong. Communities are severely impacted and people die. The increase in oil train traffic may result in more tragedy and expensive tax-payer funded cleanups. And these trains run through communities all across the nation. Instead of waiting for the next catastrophe, we are taking action. Here at Environmental Advocates we are building a movement to hold our elected officials and Big Oil accountable for putting our communities at risk. Watch our video, and sign our petition. This is your opportunity to take responsibility for keeping America safe.



Our Executive Director, Peter Iwanowicz, will be available for answer questions about oil trains and other environmental issues this Wednesday, March 12 at 2pm on Reddit under the username EANY. 

Author: Loren Baum